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Protecting information and data is a privacy issue affecting individuals and businesses alike. Everyone has something important to protect, whether employee information, supplier lists, customer information, branded products, or company intellectual property. 

In the wrong hands, your documents could lead to identity theft, fraud, privacy breaches, noncompliance, liability, and irreparable damage to your brand. So, when you’re finished with a paper copy or physical item, it’s important to ensure it’s destroyed routinely, quickly, and securely.

Secure shredding is one of the best ways to minimise your risk and maintain compliance. It’s why every business (and individual) should have a shredding company they can trust to destroy their sensitive documents, archives, products, and other items. 


Options for all budgets


Ninja-fast, done-for-you service


At every step of the process

Regular or one-off document destruction

Every business and home office needs secure document destruction, whether you’re doing the annual office clean up, or you need monthly collections to destroy your sensitive information and maintain compliance. It’s important to make sure that your information doesn’t get in the wrong hands, whether it’s financial statements, customer records, bills, correspondence, or something else.


Cut2Shreds offers flexible and convenient services, allowing you to choose between collection and drop-off, and regular or on-demand shredding. We offer secure document bins so you can easily (and securely) hold your documents onsite in between services or service intervals.


You can book a collection window and our truck will come direct to you. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to organise using a document bin.


Drop Off

Our facility is one of the few that welcome you to drop your documents off to us directly. This can be more economical and also interesting to see the process firsthand!


On Demand

Doing your annual office cleanout? Book a document bin for up to 14 days and clear your pile of unwanted documents. During off-peak periods, you can ask for an extension on this, too.


Schedule a collection every 30, 60, or 90 days to suit your needs. Ideal for large volumes of paperwork or strict compliance requirements.

Our Process

Each step in our process is designed to ensure total, secure destruction of your documents


Book your service

Book a document bin, collection, or drop-off for a timeslot and day that suits you. Our administration team will provide a quote that fits your shredding requirements. If you need a secure document bin, we’ll usually deliver within 24-48 hours. If you’re delivering goods to our factory, call ahead to ensure we’re available to receive your goods. We accept drop-offs Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 2pm. Onsite visitors are supervised and may not enter the warehouse, for security and safety.


Our drivers visit different service areas each day, so we’ll arrange your collection for our next available slot in our schedule. To maximise security, our vehicles have GPS tracking so that we can accurately pinpoint their location at any time. We also use this tracking to generate reports, keeping our staff accountable to safe and professional driving at all times.


Back in the factory, it’s time to sort the items. Each bin comes with an information panel that outlines what you can put inside. Document bins are not recycle bins, so you should only place material that requires secure shredding inside the bin. Make sure your documents are free from contaminants and non-shreddable items to help dramatically speed the sorting and handling process. If your bin is contaminated with waste products (like household rubbish, food scraps/wrappers, and unwanted electrical/office equipment), additional handling fees may apply.

Shredding and baling

Shreddable items and documents are emptied onto conveyors that feed a large industrial shredder. The shredding mouth is capable of biting through very thick sections of paper. It cross-cuts the paper, producing a secure grade shred (approximately 13mm confetti pieces) that ensures your information is destroyed and protected. The shredded paper (which now looks like white wood chip mulch) is then compacted into bales.

5. Ready for recycling

Next, we load the paper bales into containers and transport them via a semi-trailer to paper mills. These mills begin the recycling process, adding liquid to turn your shredded documents into new paper products like toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, cardboard, and newspaper. Our sorting processes ensure we produce a by-product that’s ideal for recycling and minimises environmental impact. We also pass on any plastic, metal, and fabric products that come through our factory to the appropriate recycling facility, too.

Document Destruction & Shredding

Destroy sensitive records to protect privacy and maintain compliance.


Secure Document Bins & Archive Boxes

Get a dedicated secure bin with collections to suit your schedule.

Specialized & Custom Shredding

Shred old uniforms, merchandise, and stock, and protect your brand integrity.


What happens to the shredded paper?

After your documents are securely shredded (into 13mm confetti pieces), the pulp is sent to paper mills (in Australia and overseas) so it can be recycled into various products.


How do I know you’ve shredded my documents?

As a high-volume, secure shredding company that empties all vehicles at least once a day, you can be confident that your documents will be shredded promptly. If required for your compliance or audits, we can provide destruction certificates for your destroyed goods.


Do you recycle the paper?

While Cut2Shreds isn’t a recycling facility, we do play an important part in the process. After documents are shredded, we send the pulp to recycling businesses. It’s important to note that a recycling company won’t shred your documents, so don’t put them in the yellow home bin if they contain private or important information.


Can you shred onsite?

Some shredding companies use a shredding truck that allows them to physically shred your documents onsite – at your home or office. However, our shredder is located at our warehouse on the Gold Coast. So, all your documents need to come to our warehouse – we can organise a pick up or you can drop them off. This ensures we can separate the waste before it’s shredded, producing a high grade product that’s ideal for recycling. As you’d expect, most of our clients don’t have time to stand in the street and watch us put things through the shredder. But if you’d like to see how we do things, you’re welcome to visit our facility.


Do I need a document bin?

Most of our clients request a secure document bin so they can easily store unwanted documents, ready for collection (we don’t charge a hire fee). But if you prefer to drop-off your documents yourself that’s okay, too.


How often should I book document shredding services?

You can book an on-demand secure document shredding service any time. But most businesses produce paperwork that needs to be destroyed in a timely manner. Our document bin exchange services are available on 30, 60, and 90 day cycles. You can switch up your schedule at any time, and request an early exchange or extend your services during your lower volume months.


How much does a document shredding service cost?

The cost of secure document shredding depends on what you need shredded, the volume of documents, and whether you need regular or one-off shredding. You should also factor in fees for delivering your secure document bin(s) and picking up your documents. Our secure on-demand document shredding service starts from $88. When you book your service, we’ll get back to you with a quote.


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COVID Safe Shredding

We take a number of specific measures to help protect our customers and team, and reduce the risk of transmission. 

We spray sanitise all bins upon return to our warehouse so that they’re clean and ready for the next service. Vehicle cabins and frequent touch points are regularly sanitised and our drivers also carry personal protective equipement such as masks and gloves when required.

 If your business requires specific COVID safe procedures, please contact our office so that we can make a plan together. Please do not visit our facility if you are showing symptons of cold, flu or respitory illness. 

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